Vector graphics and bitmaps in Corel Draw

Understanding Vector Graphics and Bitmaps in Corel Draw.

Vector Graphics and Bitmaps in Corel Draw. The computer has two main graphics which are vector and bitmaps graphic format. Vector graphics are made of lines and curves and they are generated from mathematical descriptions that determine the position, length and direction in which lines are drawn in corel draw while Bitmaps (also known as raster images) are composed of small squares called pixels, each pixel is mapped to a location in an image and has numerical color values which differentiate it from vector graphic.

vector graphics and bitmaps in Corel Draw


Vector Graphics

Vector graphics is mainly used for logos and illustrations because they are resolution independent and can be scaled to any size or printed and displayed at any resolution without losing detail and quality. In addition, you can produce sharp and crisp outlines with vector graphics.


Bitmaps is mainly used for photographs and digital paintings because they reproduce color gradations well more than vector graphic format. Bitmaps are resolution dependent, that is, they represent a fixed number of pixels. They look good at their actual size, but they can appear rough or lose image quality when scaled, displayed or printed at a resolution higher than their original resolution.

Note: You can create vector graphic inĀ Corel Draw Graphic Suite and you can also import bitmaps image such as JPEG, TIFF files etc into Corel Draw Graphic Suite and add them to your drawings.

To convert a vector graphic to a bitmap

  • Select the object
  • Click Bitmaps
  • Select and click Convert to bitmap
  • Choose a resolution from the Resolution list box
  • Click to enable any of the following check boxes below:
  1. Dithered: Simulates a greater number of colors than those available. This option is available for images that use 256 or fewer colors.
  2. Always overprint black: Overprints black when black is the top color. Enabling this option prevents gaps from appearing between black objects and underlying objects when you print bitmaps.
  3. Anti-aliasing: Smooths the edges of the bitmap
  4. Transparent background: Makes the background of the bitmap transparent.

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