Learn all the tips required in how to use Computer in Jamb CBT to answer questions

Jamb Cbt is an acronyms for (computer base testis), this that allow the use of computer in writing Exam or test, the question is are you a jamb candidate becoming so nerves about the Computer Base Test Examination, simply because you have no computer skill and for that reason looking for tips on how to make it a reality that very day, there is your luck chance. Today, I will be showing you, the simply step by step guidelines on JAMB Computer Based Test Tutorial.

jamb cbt guide

This step by step tutorial will help all of you on how to use Computer in JAMB CBT. Readers/candidates who are frighten about JAMB Computer Based Test CBT should pay attention to this article why reading.

Many people keep asking themselves how the can i use computer in jamb or how will the examination will be or look like that very day without computer knowledge and because of that most of them are becoming afraid about the so call Jamb Computer Base Test (Cbt).

If you are a computer beginner or a computer literate I recommend you to know some of the basic use of the Computer Mouse and Keyboard, follow the link below it will help you a lot in this upcoming JAMB Computer Base Test CBT:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Am not a Computer Literate how will I use the Computer in JAMB Computer Based Test CBT?
  2. Can I be able to pass the JAMB Computer Base Test (CBT) examination without computer knowledge?
  3. Am I a computer literate if YES can I write an pass, if NO what will I do?
  4. How can I answer the jamb cbt exam questions?
  5. How can I use Computer to answer JAMB Computer Base Test (CBT) questions?
  6. What are the requirements needed or step by step guides on how to use computer in Jamb Computer Base Test (CBT) to answer jamb cbt questions?
  7. How can I pass the jamb Computer Base Test (CBT) without computer base test knowledge?
  8. What will I see on my computer screen, once I enter the jamb exam hall?
  9. What should I do to pass this forthcoming jamb examination?
  10. How is the nature of the computer base exams in jamb?
  11. What is Radio Buttons in computer

What is Radio Button?

The Radio button can be either in circle or square shape, they are buttons usually use in selection, example radio button are use in most computer base test or exam and a proper good example for that is the JAMB computer Base Test (CBT) ongoing exam in the word today. The radio buttons look something similar to the picture below:

Meaning of radio button in Jamb cbt





Don’t worry all these questions will be answer in this page with learncomputer.com.ng. This tutorial today is for all candidates who will be writing the JAMB computer based testing (CBT) with the use of Computer in the forthcoming Joint Admission and Matriculation Board 2018/2019 exercise.

Please, do take note that this guidelines contains the procedures, with pictures, step by step procedures on how to using the computer in answering questions during the JAMB CBT examination.

Please, do take out your time and study this step by step guidelines carefully and it will go a long way to helping you prepare and tackle the JAMB Computer Based Testing without been a computer literate, it will also help you in saving your time etc

The picture below describe the question section of the JAMB cbt, take a look at the picture below and take note of all the labeling properly, This is a sample screenshot of JAMB CBT screen when you are about to write the examination make sure that you study the picture features very well.

subjec, time and time remaining section Jamb cbt
Subject, Time and Time Remaining In Jamb CBT





This section display the information about the Subject, Time and the Time left for the examination to terminate in JAMB CBT.

Navigation Section

Skip, Next and Change Subject Section in Jamb cbt
Display the Skip, Next and Change Subject




This section displays information about the Skip, Next and Change subject options when writing the examination using the JAMB CBT.

Note: As a candidate you are advice to arrive at the exam center on time with your necessary requirement (materials) such as JAMB slip and avoid bringing anything that will implicate you to the exam hall.

Login Information

Login with you examination number (once logged in, the subject you registered will be displayed for you to start answering the questions, read the instruction properly before proceeding). Don’t forget to take note of you time when writing the exam.

How do I choose the Correct Answer From the answer Section

To choose the correct answer to a question, use the radio button it can be in a Cycle or Square form just tick the appropriate one been assigned to a letter.

Example 1: Using the Mouse

Q: What is the name of the website you are reading this information from

Answer Section in Jamb cbt








Now!!! My answer is C, but how can I select C from the options

Good! Just move your mouse pointer to C, using the left button of your mouse, click on the appropriate radio button close to option C

Click on Next to Continue

Click on Skip to Jump a question if you don’t know the specific answer to that question.

Note: Click on Previous to come back to any Jumped questions.

Example 2: Using the Keyboard

Note: If you are finding it difficult using the mouse, the keyboard is there to help you out OK!!

Note: Our answer is C right, now am going to

Press the letter C on the keyboard and space bar to select and continue.

Click on Next to Continue

Click on Skip to Jump a question if you don’t know the specific answer to that question.

Click on Previous to come back to any Jumped question

Example 3: For expert (Computer Literate), using the Tab on your Keyboard

Use the Tab Key to move between the window environment, once the right option is selected, pressing the space-bar to select an option, then tab to Next to continue.

Note: Please I recommend the Example one and two for beginners mostly Example one, so if you are not that good in computer (literate) please make use of the Example one options.

Advice: Don’t forget to click on submit Button once you are true with all the four(4) questions to avoid your precious effort to go in vain.

How to Check JAMB Result

To check the 2018 Jamb Utme result online, follow this simple steps outlined below:

1). Visit JAMB 2018 result checking portal at http://jamb.org.ng;

2). Log into your Jamb Profile with (email and password);

3). Click/Hit the ‘Check 2018 UTME Examination Results’ Banner Link on your Profile Page

4). Your result would automatically pop up.

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