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Learncomputer Facebook Bonus

Learncomputer has facebook bonus for its facebook group members. Learn more about computer and it component to earn bonus for answering questions.

learncomputer facebook bonus

Be part and participated in the Learcomputer facebook bonus questions and stand a chance of winning daily recharge of N200. More to come be part and expose to the world of Technology not only for answering questions and winning a price but also for learning computer and its components.

How it Work

After reading our daily Questions, to submit your Answers, revisit our facebook group by clicking Learncomputer Bonus. As soon as you comment your answers in the facebook group, if correct, the group admin will notify you by replying your comment to be GOOD, OK or BAD.

Note: Good means your answer perfect correctly (Price card N200), Ok mean that you make a good attempt (Price card N100) and Bad means that your attempt was not good enough (price None). The question last for 30 minute.

Questions Links will be paste below, all you have to do is to click to view the questions and get back to us on our facebook group by clicking the link below the questions.

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