List of Computer Pioneers In The World

This post carries a complete list of computer Pioneers and also people who do work in computer science, in a particular researchers centers to make it a success in development of computer.

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This list include those that do the mechanical work, Software work and Programming work. Others include are the mathematicians who also contributed in the theory such as complexity theory and algorithmic information theory. List of the groups are as follows:

Group A List

  • Wil van der Aalst – business process management, process mining, Petri nets
  • Scott Aaronson – quantum computing and complexity theory
  • Hal Abelson – intersection of computing and teaching
  • Serge Abiteboul – database theory
  • Samson Abramsky – game semantics
  • Leonard Adleman – RSA, DNA computing
  • Manindra Agrawal – polynomial-time primality testing
  • Luis von Ahn – human-based computation
  • Alfred Aho – compilers book, the ‘a’ in AWK
  • Frances E. Allen – compiler optimization
  • Gene Amdahl – supercomputer developer, founder of Amdahl Corporation
  • David P. Anderson – volunteer computing
  • Andrew Appel – compiler of text books
  • Cecilia R. Aragon – inventor of the treap, human-centered data science
  • Bruce Arden – programming language compilers (GAT, MAD), virtual memory architecture, MTS
  • Sanjeev Arora – PCP theorem
  • Winifred “Tim” Alice Asprey – established the computer science curriculum at Vassar College
  • John Vincent Atanasoff – computer pioneer, creator of ABC or Atanasoff Berry Computer

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Group B List

  • Charles Babbage (1791–1871) – One of the computer pioneer that invented first mechanical computer called the supreme mathematician
  • Charles Bachman – American computer scientist, known for Integrated Data Store
  • Roland Carl Backhouse – mathematics of program construction
  • John Backus – FORTRAN, Backus–Naur form, first complete compiler
  • David F. Bacon – programming languages, garbage collection
  • David A. Bader
  • Victor Bahl
  • Anthony James Barr – SAS System
  • Jean Bartik (1924–2011) – one of the first computer programmers, on ENIAC (1946), one of the first Vacuum tube computers, back when “programming” involved using cables, dials, and switches to physically rewire the machine; worked with John Mauchly toward BINAC (1949), EDVAC (1949), UNIVAC (1951) to develop early “stored program” computers
  • Andrew Barto
  • Rudolf Bayer – B-tree
  • James C. Beatty (1934–1978) – compiler optimization, super-computing
  • Gordon Bell (born 1934) – computer designer DEC VAX, author: Computer Structures
  • Steven M. Bellovin – network security
  • Tim Berners-Lee – World Wide Web
  • Daniel J. Bernstein – qmail, software as protected speech
  • Peter Bernus
  • Abhay Bhushan
  • Dines Bjorner – Vienna Development Method (VDM), RAISE
  • Gerrit Blaauw – one of the principal designers of the IBM System 360 line of computers
  • Sue Black
  • David Blei
  • Dorothy Blum – National Security Agency
  • Lenore Blum – complexity
  • Manuel Blum – cryptography
  • Barry Boehm – software engineering economics, spiral development
  • Corrado Bohm – author of the structured program theorem
  • Kurt Bollacker
  • Jeff Bonwick – inventor of slab allocation and ZFS
  • Grady Booch – Unified Modeling Language, Object Management Group
  • George Boole – Boolean logic
  • Andrew Booth – developed the first rotating drum storage device
  • Kathleen Booth – developed the first assembly language
  • Anita Borg (1949–2003) – American computer scientist, founder of Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology
  • Bert Bos – Cascading Style Sheets
  • Mikhail Botvinnik – World Chess Champion, computer scientist and electrical engineer, pioneer of early expert system AI,inventor of Computer chess
  • Jonathan Bowen – Z notation, formal methods
  • Stephen R. Bourne – Bourne shell, portable ALGOL 68C compiler
  • Harry Bouwman (born 1953) – Dutch Information systems researcher, and Professor at the Åbo Akademi University
  • Robert S. Boyer – string searching, ACL2 theorem prover
  • Karlheinz Brandenburg – Main mp3 contributor
  • Jack E. Bresenham – early computer-graphics contributions, including Bresenham’s algorithm
  • Sergey Brin – co-founder of Google
  • David J. Brown – unified memory architecture, binary compatibility
  • Per Brinch Hansen (surname “Brinch Hansen”) – concurrency
  • Sjaak Brinkkemper – methodology of product software development
  • Fred Brooks – System 360, OS/360, The Mythical Man-Month, No Silver Bullet
  • Rod Brooks
  • Michael Butler – Event-B

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Group D List

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