Step by Step guide about Mavis beacon typing tutor

Mavis Beacon, is a typing tutor program that teaches the beginners how to type when introduced newly into the computer world. It was initially released in late 1987 by The Software Toolworks and has been published regularly ever since. The original version was written for Microsoft Disk Operating System (MSDOS) by Norm Worthington, Walt Bilofsky, and Mike Duffy. Editions of Mavis Beacon are currently published by Encore Software, hybrid Mac, Windows and Software MacKiev (Mac OS X only).

They are available throughout the retail sales world. An early version supported both QWERTY and the alternative Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout. Later versions supported only QWERTY until the 2011 Ultimate Mac Edition from Software MacKiev which returned full Dvorak keyboard lessons to the product. Earlier versions were made for Apple II, Commodore 64, Atari 400/800 (version 1 only), Apple IIGS, Atari ST, Mac OS, Windows, Palm OS (version 16), and Amiga systems. The current Windows and Mac versions are published under the Broderbund trademark by both Encore and Software MacKiev.

A lot of professional people know how to type even type very faster but most of their method or their typing skill does not follow the correct principles of typing in computer. For every key on a computer keyboard, there is a finger assigned to it. So following the correct principles, every keys should be touched by the designated finger assigned to it. The thumb, index, middle, ring, and point were assigned to a certain keys. By knowing and familiarizing the correct assignment, the typist can attain the maximum speed when typing.

Is Mavis Beacon a Person?

Mavis Beacon is not a real person. The original photo of Mavis Beacon was of Caribbean-born model Renee L’Esperance. She was introduced to Les Crane, the former talk-show host, while she was shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. Crane, who was then a partner in Software Toolworks, invented the sobriquet. That is how Mavis Beacon’s program came in reality.

Is Mavis Beacon program downloadable from the internet?

The answer is YES but there is no free DOWNLOAD for the latest version but its older versions are given for free over the internet by some website. Most schools, popular or less known, in rural or in urban areas are using this typing software to let their students know the proper ways of typing when using computer system.

Why Mavis Beacon

Mavis beacon teaches typing is more than a typing tutor, of all the typing software out there Mavis beacon was the still the best and most user friendly. It has a lot of tools, lessons, languages and games that will help the student if he or she to learn and fun while typing. This software has gone popular throughout the globe with the following features:

  • It helps the user to increase and monitor his or her speed using the speed tests.
  • This program is also used in many schools such as computer training center and homes to improve typing skills of the student.
  • It make the user to constantly tracks his or her words-per-minute typing speed.
  • It also includes a number of typing games of which some versions have been included since the first release.
  • The 2011 Ultimate Mac Edition for Mac OS X, published by Software MacKiev, also includes two-player competitive typing network games, integration with iTunes, Dvorak keyboard support, practice typing song lyrics, RSS news feeds and classic novels.
  • A certificate of achievement can be issued and printed by the user upon the completion of Mavis Beacon tests.

Loading Mavis Beacon

  • Click on start button
  • Click all programsSearch and click Broderbund
  • Click on Mavis Beacon’s folder
  • Select and click on Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing








The above image describes the Mavis Beacon Home window, from the home window on the Mavis Beacon environment, click New to create a new user, type in your name and click on Ok (that is, if you are creating a new user), click delete to remove your name/account from the Mavis Beacon home or select your name from the user environment and click Ok to start practicing with Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing.

Steps to practice with Mavis Beacon

After selecting your name and click on Ok, in this image below, select your lesson plan such as take a lesson, practice area, typing games etc. Following the onscreen instruction, start up your success in becoming a great typist.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 2








To quit Mavis Beacon, click on the Home button at the top left hand side of the Mavis Beacon screen, click on Exit and click Yes.

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