Creating a Microsoft Word Page Border Format

Microsoft Word Page Border Format

Border is a line, styles or fancies used to surround the Microsoft word document page for easy definition of cover page. It is said to be usually used for cover pages format.

Microsoft Word page border gives it users hundreds of page border options that allow users to surround a page with a line, styles or fancy border. These steps below will show you how to insert a border in your Microsoft Word document:

  1. Open/launch Microsoft Word
  2. Click on Page Layout menu tab
  3. On the Page Layout menu tab, select the Page Borders option
  4. In the Borders and Shading Window (the border dialog box will appear), click the Page Border tab.
  5. Select Box if you want a square border around your page.
  6. Go to Style to select the border format you want on the page, which can be solid, dotted, or dashed.
  7. Select the Color (select any color or your choice
  8. Move to Width and select any width size you wish to appear in your page border settings.
  9. To use Graphics or Arts, if you wish to select graphics or artwork to use as the border, click the down arrow for the Art drop-down list. In the image example below, we’re using the apple art as a border.
  10. Once you are done, click the OK button to apply the border.

microsoft word page border

Note: By default the borders are applied to the whole document, which means every page has the same border format. To change to single page format, click the down arrow on Apply, this will give some options like whole document, this section, first page only and All pages expect first page to give you the access for option of your choice.

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