Corel Draw Graphic Suite Tutor

What is Corel Draw Graphic Suite?

Corel draw graphic suite is a powerful graphic design tool that can be used for a wide range of creativity such as designing of logos of all kinds.

corel draw graphic suite tutor

Whether you are a professional designer or a hobbyist looking for ideas to explore your creative side, learncomputer has a complete course that will lay the foundations you need to get the most out of Corel Draw Graphics Suite. Learncomputer online tutorials cover topics like basic introduction to core draw graphic suite, setting up your workspace and getting familiar with some of the basic tools that you will need in the designing process.

List of Versions of Corel Draw Graphic Suite

  • 18.0 Version X8 2018
  • 17. 0 Version X7 2017
  • 16.0 Version 2016
  • 15. 0 Version 2015
  • 14. 0 Version 2014
  • 13. 0 Version X3 2013
  • 12. 0 Version X2 2012
  • 11. 0 Version 2011
  • 10. 0 Version 2010
  • 9. 0 Version 2009
  • 8. 0 Version 2008
  • 8. 0 bidi Version 2008
  • 7. 0 Version 2007

General ways to Load, Launch or Open Corel Draw Graphic Suite

Note, before corel draw graphic suite can be load, launch or open on your computer system, it must be installed on that computer. The following steps can be use to load, launch or open corel draw graphic suite:

  1. Click Start Button
  2. Point and Click All Programs
  3. Search and click Corel Draw Graphic Suite/the version you installed on your computer system
  4. From the list, select and click Corel Draw/the version indicate

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