Corel Draw Graphic Suite Menus and Environment

Corel Draw Graphic Suite Menus

Corel Draw has basic menus which enable the user to achieve two or more task, this menu contains pull down menus which when click, will activate the pull down menus. Examples of corel draw graphic suite menus are as follows:

Corel Draw Graphic Suite Menus

List of Menus and Features in Corel Draw

Tools box: Tools box contains all the tools needed for designing in corel draw. By default corel draw displays the following tools, Pick, shape, crop tool, zoom, freehand, smart fill, rectangle, ellipse, polygon, basic shape, text, interactive blind, eyedropper, outline, fill and interactive fill tools while other tools are hiding beside the default tools showing. This can be indicated with small arrow pointing right beside the default tools which has the hiding flayer icon.

Color palette: Contains all the colors needed in decorating your design in corel draw graphic suite environment.

Drawing Window: This is where you actually create your graphic, it is said to be the empty space that surround the printable page.

Printable Page: Is the rectangle in the middle marks your boundary for the graphic creation. Its size will vary with the dimensions you choose for your document. Anything drawn outside the square region (printable page), is permitted but when printing must be in the printable page else will not print.

Control button: This button contains minimize, maximize/restore done and close button always found at the top right hand side on the screen.

File: File menu contains information such as New which allows user to open a new document, save and save as that allows user to save their document, import and export, open, close, print etc.

Edit: Edit menu have the following option copy, cut, paste, delete, duplicate, find and replace, symbol, undo and redo etc.

Other menus includes:

  • View menu
  • Layout menu
  • Arrange menu
  • Effects menu
  • Bitmaps menu
  • Text menu
  • Tools menu
  • Window menu
  • Help center menu

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