Corel Draw Application Window Description


Corel Draw Application Window Description

Corel Draw Application Window Description, when you launch Corel Draw Graphic Suite Application, the application window opens containing features, a drawing window and more than one drawing window can be opened, you can apply commands to the active drawing window only. The image below shows the Corel Draw application window description:

Corel Draw Graphic Suite Menus


S/N Part Description
1. Toolbox A docked bar which is always located at the left hand side in the corel draw window with tools for creating, filling, and modifying objects in the drawing.
2. Document tab The document tab is use to switch between documents in the corel draw page, it displays for each open document to allow you to quickly move between documents. This feature is seen in the latest corel draw (Corel 2018).
3. Title bar This area displays the title of the currently selected drawing, application name and the name the user used to save his/her document/design in corel draw.
4. Menu bar The area contains pull-down menu options which when clicked will display its pull-down options.
5. Toolbar This is a detachable bar that contains shortcuts to menu options and other commands such as save, new, import, cut, export etc.
6. Drawing window This is the large area outside the drawing page or printable page bordered, where you can create design, text and others before taking it to the printable page for further process.
7. Property bar This is a detachable bar with commands that relate to the active tool or object the user is currently working with. For example, when the text tool is active, the text property bar displays commands that create and edit the text.
8. Docker A window that contain hint (information), available commands and settings relevant to a specific tool or task the user is presently working on.
9. Rulers bar The ruler bar contains Horizontal and vertical borders that are used to determine the size and position of objects in corel draw graphic suite when drawing.
10. Document palette This is a dockable bar that contains color swatches for the current document in corel draw suite environment.
11. Document navigator This area is located at the bottom left of the corel draw application window that contains controls for moving between pages and adding pages.
12. Drawing page Normaly known as printable page, it’s the rectangular area inside the corel draw graphic suite drawing window (designing page). This is said to be the printable area of your work area.
13. Status bar This is an area at the bottom of the corel draw graphic suite application window that contains information about object properties such as type, size, color, fill, and resolution. It also displays the current cursor position/dimension.
14. Navigator This button is located at the lower right corner which opens a smaller display to help the user moves around a drawing in corel draw graphic suite.
15. Color palette A dockable bar that contains all the colors the user need to beautify his/her designing in corel.

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